How and where to receive a ticket?

Once you select and pay for your ticket - you will receive from us three emails:

  • Confirmation of the ticket reservation on our website - we use secure US based merchant payment gateway:
  • Invoice. Please find the link to your ticket in the PDF format in the description on your invoice. Follow the link. We strongly advise you to print your PFD file! This is your actual train ticket(s). It is in Ukrainian and it has a QR code in it with the details of your train ride. To make it easier we have the important information for you in English in this invoice (train #, seats, departure time etc.).
  • You don’t need to exchange your ticket! Locate your train 30-40 minutes before departure, find your carriage number, show your printed ticket to a conductor - she/he either will scan the bar code or input the ticket number manually (depending on the device they have), find your seats and enjoy your ride. is a property of SoloEast Travel.

    Advantages of electronic order:

    Not everyone can afford to spend few hours waiting in lines at Ukraine railways tickets sales office. Booking directly with "Ukrzaliznitsya" can be tricky and complicated for those who doesn't speak Ukrainian or Russian. Usage of online orders will save your money and nerves. Electronic order is one of the most advanced types of railway tickets booking and purchasing, that allows you to purchase tickets via Internet access. 

    Do we charge extra fee on the tickets?

    Yes we charge a small fee on top of what you would pay for a ticket if you would come in person to a railways station. With average cost of a ticket around US$ 20.00 – it’s only a few dollars you pay to secure your seats in advance and if needed to have English speaking assistance from our Kiev’s office. We aim to assist foreigners first of all (though many local people use our booking system due to easiness). We monitor every booking and we aware that our guests from abroad might not know all the pecularities of train travel in Ukraine. So if we see that a client bought a ticket e.g. from Kiev Darnitsa railway station - we will notify them this railway station is located 30 min taxi ride from the Central station.  

    In addition there are several advantages of electronic order:

    • You already know your assigned seat/seats, carriage number and train number to pass onto to your friends or family who decide to meet you at the railways station. The only thing you need to do is to print out or rewrite your order number and exchange it for travel (transportation) documents directly in our office or at any Railway station ticket sales office.
    • You no longer need to wait in line and select the route with an agent. You can read trains schedule, choose suitable car, ticket’s class, and even seat.
    • All you need - is to have internet access and spend a few minutes buying tickets online at - the service is aimed to make your train travel arrangements hassle free.
    • If there are few seats left on the route you are interested in, you no longer need to worry about possibility to buy them until you get to the nearest railway ticket office.
    • We accept Visa and Mastercard as well as Paypal payment at this time. If neither payment option is available for you please contact our office. 
    According to the paid fare you receive respective seats and class of service established by the carrier. Please note that online order can be made on trains to which departure is left not more than 45 days and not less than 2 hours.