The cost of your travel document consists of several parts. This is important for the exchange or return rail ticket purchased online with and received at the ticket office of Ukrainian Railway.

  • Ticket cost - infrastructure part of the ticket price. It covers costs of the maintenance and operation of infrastructure of Ukrainian Railway and electricity, used for trains movement.
  • Platzcarta (seats reservation) cost - part of the ticket cost, which indicates the right of passengers to occupy a separate numbered seat in the railway carriage. Platzcarta can be issued with a ticket, or separately. It covers the cost of travel preparation and maintenance of the carriage.
  • Insurance fee - is included in the ticket price, according to the Rules on compulsory insurance against accidents in transport.
  • Commission fee - money paid for the services of tickets registration, purchase, refund and reissue.
  • VAT - value-added tax, indirect tax, which is transferred to the state budget in each act of sale. Necessarily included in the refund for unused travel documents.

In case of returning of railway tickets, Ukrainian Railway charges a service fee of returning tickets (except when it was caused by Ukrainian Railway).

If purchased ticket includes the cost of bed linen, this amount will also be refunded. The amount of returned money depends on the terms of your appeal and is regulated by the order of Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine from 04.03.2008 N 252. According to the amendments made by this order refunds to passengers who refused transportation for personal reasons are made by the following rules:

  • If cancellation is made not less than 24 hours before train departure — passenger will recieve the full cost of the ticket, platzkarta, insurance fee, VAT and bedding (if they had been included in the ticket price). Commission fee is not refundable.
  • If cancellation is made from 24 to 9 hours before train departure — passenger will recieve the full cost of the ticket, 50% of platzkarta, insurance fee, VAT and bedding (if they had been included in the ticket price). Commission fee is not refundable.
  • If cancellation is made less than 9 hours before train departure, but not more than 1 hours after departure — passenger will recieve only cost of the ticket, insurance fee, VAT and bedding (if they had been included in the ticket price). Platzkarta and commission fee are not refundable.
  • If you have applied for money refunding later than 1 hour after the train departure - refunding is not made! Including travel documents that have a mark about the travel termination along the way.

Attention! Funds will not be returned for travel documents with corrections or additional inscriptions, which are made by persons not in charge for such actions, because such travel documents are considered as fake and not valid.

If you lost your ticket (paper form of travel document), the refund for cancellation also cannot be made.

In case if travel document is damaged by bonding or wetting, but preserves the information in the amount sufficient for its identification, you can renew it by contacting the issuing organization.

In all cases of travel documents cancellation passengers is charged with service fee. The amount paid for services related to seats reservation and ticket selling is not refundable, except cases of involuntary refund. If the cancellation of travel documents is made by Railway fault you can receive full refund, including charges for services related to seats reservation, without paying for the refund service. You only need to show tickets marked as "Travel document is not fully used by Railway fault” along with the refund application.

If a similar situation (application for cancellation 3 hours after train departure) is made because you were unable to travel due to medical reasons or an accident that occurred on the departure day, then a refund can be made in claim order upon presentation of travel documents and certificate confirming the illness or accident. Full ticket price except service charge for the refund will be paid in this case. Platzkart cost is not refundable.

If travel was terminated on the route, ticket was bought with and purchased at the railway ticket office and there is a need to cancel it, the refund is equal to the difference in ticket price for the entire route and the ticket price to the station where travel was terminated. Platzkart for the entire route becomes not valid and is not refundable.

Passenger is not charged any extra fees regardless of cancellation application time (but not later than train departure) in case of train indicated in the ticket cancellation, or if the train departure is delayed for more than 1 hour, or if passenger cancels his trip due to inability to obtain seats indicated in his ticket, or train rerouting causing the absence of arrival to the station mentioned in the ticket, or in case of agreed train arrival to the transfer station after departure of the next train, that had to be taken by passenger at the transfer point to continue his travel. Refund fees will also not be charged in these cases.

Remember that your travel document consists of two parts: ticket and platzcart.

* Platzkart (from German plaz - "place", karte - "ticket") - one of the travel document parts, part of the fare confirming passenger’s right on a separate numbered seat in the railway car, can be issued with a ticket, or separately, compensates car preparation and maintenance expenses.